10 Best Food Dishes To Make In Sun Haven

10 Best Food Dishes To Make In Sun Haven

Cooking plays a huge role in Sun Haven. Along with helping recover your character’s Health and Mana, food can provide permanent stat boosts as well as be sold for a nice profit. Of course, finding the right recipes to churn out delicious dishes doesn’t come easy.

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Many of the best meals require you to follow multiple steps, gather rare ingredients, and utilize various cooking stations. To find out which ones you should be prioritizing to turn a profit, look no further than this list of the best food dishes to make in Sun Haven.



10 Cheese: Mounds Of Melty Money

cheese food dish in sun haven

Aside from being a delicious snack, Cheese is one of the most profitable food dishes in Sun Haven and can be consumed as is to restore 55 Mana, or combined with other ingredients to create more advanced recipes such as Butternut Mac and Cheese or Cheese Soufflé.

To make Cheese in Sun Haven, you’ll need two Milk, a Cooking Pot or Baking Station, and four hours of crafting time. Once ready, it can be sold for a whopping 406 Coins, making it one of the highest profit margin food dishes in the game.

9 Stuffed Casserole: Defense Booster

stuffed casserole food dish in sun haven

Moving along, Stuffed Casserole is another great dish you can cook to turn a profit, though the steps to make it are a lot more extensive than Cheese. It starts by combining one Flour, Cheese, and Mushroom in a Cooking Pot or Café for three hours.

When eaten, each Stuffed Casserole will yield 50 Mana while permanently increasing your character’s defense sat. Depending on your circumstances, you might be better off just equipping better amor and selling a bunch of Stuffed Casseroles, as they go for 563 Coins each.

8 Pad Thai: There’s Power In Noodles

pad thai food dish in sun haven

If you’ve got a hankering for stir-fried noodles and nuts, this next food dish is sure to get your stomach rumbling. Crafted in two hours using a Cooking Pot, one Egg, Noodles, and Peanuts, Pad Thai is a popular street food sold in cities all over Sun Haven’s four regions.

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The benefits of this food dish are pretty useful, providing you with 15 Health and 40 Mana. If you’re strapped for cash, Pad Thai can also be sold for a cool 240 Coins each; not the highest profit margin but definitely worth it considering how cheap its ingredients are.

7 Strawberry Milk: A Sweet Pay Day

strawberry milk food dish in sun haven

A classically sweet dessert drink, Strawberry Milk is a fairly easy Sun Haven food dish to prepare, calling for just one Strawberry and one Milk with two hours of cooking time. When consumed, it will yield 25 Mana, making it extremely useful for casting spells and using certain abilities.

Like Pad Thai, Strawberry Milk can also be sold for around 240 Coins. After factoring in the cost of its simple ingredients, this leaves you with an impressive 85 percent profit margin. That’s nothing to scoff at considering this is just strawberry-flavored cow milk.

6 Fruit Punch: Make A Flavorful Fortune

fruit punch food dish in sun haven

As one of the more advanced Sun Haven cooking recipes, Fruit Punch requires you to first find the Adventurers Cookbook 1 before combining one Strawberry, Orange, and Water Crystal in a Cooking Pot for one hour.

In the end, you’ll have one of the best food dishes in the game that grants 45 Mana and a small yet permanent Mana regen stat boost. Selling this tasty tropical drink will get you 130 Coins per item, which boils down to a remarkable 100 percent profit margin.

5 Acai Bowl: Big Bucks For Breakfast

acai bowl food dish in sun haven

Both delicious and nutritious, the Acai Bowl is a common breakfast food dish in Sun Haven that consists of sweet yogurt topped with an assortment of berries, specifically one Berry, Blueberry, and Strawberry. Mix them all together in a Cooking Pot for one hour, and you’ll have this dish ready to go.

Upon consumption, it bestows your character with 25 Mana and a small permanent Mana regen increase. Keep in mind, you’ll need to find the Adventurers Cookbook 2 to unlock this recipe, but afterward, can sell each Acai Bowl for roughly 100 Coins, or a 100 percent profit.

4 Fruit Snacks: Grab A Handful Of Mana

fruit snacks food dish in sun haven

Next up are Fruit Snacks, a sweet and squishy treat with the power to both fill your belly and line your pockets with an excellent 100 percent profit margin. Alternatively, Fruit Snacks can be eaten to receive 25 Mana and a nominal yet lasting Mana regen boost.

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To make Fruit Snacks, you’ll need to find the Adventurers Cookbook 3 as well as gather one Blueberry, Strawberry, and Raspberry before combining them in a Cooking Pot for a total of one hour. Similar to many other food dishes on this list, they have a 100 percent profit margin at 110 Coins.

3 Fruit Tart: A Tasty Ticket To Treasure

fruit tart food dish in sun haven

This aptly named pastry has a sharp kick in flavor that contrasts nicely with its sweet fruit filling and sugary crust. However, the Fruit Tart’s most tantalizing quality is the fact that it costs only 40 Coins to produce yet is worth about 200 Coins in sell value.

Preparing this food dish requires you to first obtain the Adventurers Cookbook 3, one Raspberry, Blueberry, and Egg. Mix in a Cooking Pot for one hour, and you’ll have yourself a delicious dessert with the power to restore 40 Mana.

2 Energy Smoothie: Sky-High Profits

energy smoothie food dish in sun haven

If you ever feel like you’re running low on juice, an Energy Smoothie is sure to lift your spirits. With a staggeringly high 4,500 Coins buy price, this rare Sun Haven food dish is not easy to come by, so you’re better off just making it yourself since it costs absolutely nothing to do so.

To do that, you’ll need to reach Farming Level 25, build a Cooking Pot, and combine one Water Crystal, Apple, and Orange. Wait one hour and you’ll have a potent beverage that boasts 45 Mana, a small Mana regen boost, and a 100 Coins sell price.

1 Honeyglazed Apple: Sticky Savings

honeyglazed apple food dish in sun haven

While an apple dipped in sugary honey may not sound all that healthy or lucrative, Sun Haven’s Honeyglazed Apple recipe is full of surprises. It starts with a Cooking Pot, Farming Level 25, and two simple ingredients, one Apple and one Honey, mixed to perfection over four hours.

When consumed, this food dish will restore a moderate 40 Mana while raising your character’s Mana pool permanently. Seeing as the ingredients cost nothing, you can turn a 100 percent profit by selling Honeyglazed Apples for 140 Coins each.

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