19 KFC Recipes To Recreate at Home

19 KFC Recipes To Recreate at Home

Kentucky Fried Chicken stepped into the spotlight in 1952 when the franchise opened its first fast-food restaurant.

KFC Popular fast food restaurant

The original recipe comes from Harland Sanders, also known as Colonel Sanders, who perfected his 11 herbs and spice mix in a motel he purchased in the 1930s. The exact recipe still lives on in the thousands of KFC locations we have today.

Crispy fried chicken is a favorite comfort food of many people around the world due to its delicious crunchy outside and juicy meat on the inside.

Sure, you can go to a KFC and buy some of this juicy goodness, or you can learn to make it at home. Here are some KFC copycat recipes that are worth a try.

Final Thoughts

Make your favorite KFC order at home with these recipes, and check out other fast food copycat recipes like McDonald’s recipes or Burger King copycat recipes!

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