4 food and culture events to add that festive cheer to the week ahead

4 food and culture events to add that festive cheer to the week ahead

From new festive menus to an exhibition of luminious sculptures, these events promise to infuse the week ahead with warmth and joy

Christmas cheer

Sly Granny has launched a holiday menu to suit the festive mood. This limited edition selection, spanning small plates, mains, desserts and cocktails, brings the best of Christmas goodies from across the world. You can choose from innovative dishes such as the smoked duck chhundo, goat cheese crostini and roast turkey porchettas, or opt for comforting creations like the butternut squash mac and cheese, chives and sour cream mash. To accompany the food, Sly Granny has also launched cocktails like the Sunset Dazzle, made with gin infused with raw turmeric, Hot Buttered Bourbon, which features bourbon, unsalted butter, demerara sugar and winter spices. Or you could opt for the good ol’ Granny’s mulled wine. This limited edition menu is available at Sly Granny outlets in New Delhi, Dehradun, Bengaluru and Goa till 5 January 2023

 ‘Handle With Care’, at Method Kalaghoda

‘Handle With Care’, at Method Kalaghoda

Into the light

A new exhibition, ‘Handle With Care’, at Method Kalaghoda is presenting a series of light sculptures, grills and furniture made using industrial and metal glass. The works by Yaazd Contractor present a contrasting relationship of materials within each object: cinder and glass, mass-produced prefabricated steel parts and the nearly-extinct art of cold cathode neon, and more. “Method invites the viewer to approach the show not with the perspective of an outsider looking in, doing their best to extract and impose some foreign meaning to the show, but to take on the challenge of looking at the exhibition precisely as the show title suggests: with care,” states the curatorial note. ‘Handle With Care’ can be viewed at Method Kalaghoda, Mumbai, till 3 January 2023, 11 am to 6 pm, (closed on Monday)

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Jolly Gift Box at Le15

A jolly festive box

This Christmas, you can indulge in Chef Pooja Dhingra’s limited edition peppermint hot chocolate. It’s perfect to add warmth to the chilly weather and pairs well with Le15’s plum cake. Why should Christmas be all sweet? Le15 is bringing back its gourmet kharis in buttery cinnamon and garlic-chives flavours. There is also a Home Alone gift box with all that you need to pamper yourself and it includes a box of crunchy toffee cookies, and more. There is also a Jolly Gift Box on offer. Available at Le15 stores in Mumbai and online as well.

Chocolate rummy balls, spiced caramel bon bons and Nana's coconut ice  at the Bombay Sweet Shop

Chocolate rummy balls, spiced caramel bon bons and Nana’s coconut ice at the Bombay Sweet Shop

Magical treats

Bombay Sweet Shop is bringing the magic of mithai this festive season. Its limited edition collection features sweets such as chocolate rummy balls, spiced caramel bon bons and Nana’s coconut ice that evoke the nostalgia of childhood. All of the offerings are 100{d2b09b03d44633acb673e8080360919f91e60962656af8ade0305d5d8b7e4889} vegetarian. These come in various gift bags and hampers such as the Cookie & Cheer Box, Magic of Christmas Bag, Secret Santa Hamper, Chocolatey Christmas Hamper, and more. These are available for dine-in and pick-up at the Bombay Sweet Shop, Byculla, Mumbai. Select products are also available online.

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