All Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes and the best ones to cook

All Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes and the best ones to cook

There are loads of Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes that you can cook using a stove by combining a variety of ingredients to create an Energy-restoring meal. Food that you cook can also be gifted or sold if you’re not interested in eating it yourself, so it’s much more than just a mechanic for keeping you from wearing out in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Gather ingredients and throw stuff into your stove’s stockpot to see what you can create. Below you’ll find information on how to cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the best recipes we think you should create to sell or replenish Energy, and a list of all the recipes that we know of so far.

How to cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley requires you to collect all sorts of different ingredients – from fish and fruit to herbs and grains – and combine them at a stove to create different meals. Experimenting with different ingredient combinations can unlock recipes that you can then cook over and over, provided you have the necessary ingredients. Once you’ve cooked a meal, you can scoff it down to restore Disney Dreamlight Valley Energy, gift it to a Disney villager to improve your Friendship Level, or sell it to Goofy for Star Coins.

Disney Dreamlight Valley caught swordfish from fishing

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Ingredients are scattered across all Village biomes of Dreamlight Valley, although most are exclusive to only a few biomes, so you’ll need to forage, harvest, and go fishing all over the land or seek out Goofy’s Stalls for seeds. More specialist ingredients, such as milk, butter, and eggs, can only be bought from the Chez Remy restaurant in the Plaza. You also need fuel for the stove you’re using for every meal you cook, so make sure you’re doing plenty of mining to gather coal too. One of our Disney Dreamlight Valley tips is to make sure you’re hanging out with a villager with a role whenever possible so that they can help you gather more of a particular resource.

Disney Dreamlight Valley cooking at ratatouille restaurant

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When you’re cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley, just try experimenting with different ingredients at the stove. You can throw up to five different things into the pot to create a dish, but the recipe that comes out at the end might not use all the ingredients you chucked in. Recipes that do use all five ingredients are rated five stars and tend to be very valuable and restore a lot of Energy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best dishes, particularly if those ingredients are hard to get. Keep an eye out for recipe books too, as reading them will instantly unlock a new recipe for you to try.

Disney Dreamlight Valley ratatouille realm ingredients

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If you want to really get into the cooking aspect of Disney Dreamlight Valley, we recommend visiting the Ratatouille Realm via the Dream Castle as soon as possible. Remy will teach you lots of new recipes before he even decides to come and live in Dreamlight Valley. However, once you’ve got him a house back in the Valley, he’ll reopen the Chez Remy restaurant with your help, giving you access to new ingredients and therefore new recipes!

Remember to check the Meals section of the Collection menu to see what dishes you might be able to make through experimentation, and use the recipe and autofill features on stoves to save you from having to manually add ingredients every time. Stoves are also capable of pulling ingredients and coal directly from storage, so you don’t need to have lots of food items taking up space in your backpack.

The best Disney Dreamlight Valley best recipes

Disney Dreamlight Valley fruit salad cooked

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The best meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley are the ones that are going to restore a lot of energy, require very few or easy-to-get ingredients, or can be sold for a lot of Star Coins. With that in mind, here are our top 10 recipes, in no particular order:

  1. Arendellian Pickled Herring: Restores at least 2,100 Energy and not as valuable as other dishes so great to have in your inventory for long resource-gathering expeditions.
  2. Souffle: A four-star recipe that’s worth over 1,000 coins and restores well over 2,000 Energy.
  3. Bouillabaisse: The ingredients for Bouillabaisse are relatively easy to get once you’ve unlocked Dazzle Beach, and this dish restores at least 2,000 Energy, so it’s good to have a few prepared for early-to-mid game activities.
  4. Grilled Fish Entrée: Extremely easy to make and ingredients can be easily sourced in the starting Plaza and Peaceful Meadow areas. Cook lots of them and sell to Goofy for easy Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins.
  5. Lemon Garlic Swordfish: A three-star recipe that restores over 3,500 Energy. The ingredients aren’t easy to get, but this’ll be a good recipe to have ready for Energy or to sell.
  6. Pan-Fried Angler Fish: One of the most valuable dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Pan-Fried Angler Fish dish sells for 2,500 coins despite being a four-star recipe. Requiring rare ingredients, this is definitely a dish to sell and not eat, despite massive amount of Energy it restores.
  7. Poached Basil-Buttered Sturgeon: Much like the Angler Fish dish, the poached sturgeon is another four-star dish requiring rare ingredients but it’s worth at least 2,200 coins and restores a huge amount of Energy – at least 4,900!
  8. Fruit Salad: Arguably one of the simplest and easiest meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Fruit Salad is a reliable option for quick Energy, especially early in the game.
  9. Caramel Apples: Once you’ve unlocked Dazzle Beach and can grow Sugar Cane, use it with Apples to create Candied Apples that grant even more Energy than a Fruit Salad for only one more ingredient that’s very easy to grow.
  10. Porridge with Fruits: Porridge is an already simple dish requiring just Wheat and Milk to cook, but adding a single fruit, such as a Raspberry or Apple, massively increases the Energy it will restore.

All Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes

Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe collection menu

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Here are all the Disney Dreamlight Valley cooking recipes we’ve discovered so far, along with the necessary ingredients you need to create the dish. You can view the entire assortment of 164 dishes under the Meals section of the Collection menu, and can experiment with ingredients to see what else you can create. We’ll be adding more ingredients lists to this guide as we discover them:

Disney Dreamlight Valley Appetizers

Disney Dreamlight Valley collection menu appetizers

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  • Arendellian Pickled Herring: Herring, Lemon, Onion, Garlic, any Seasoning
  • Bell Pepper Puffs: Bell Pepper, Eggs, Cheese
  • Cheese Platter: Cheese
  • Chilli Pepper Puffs: Chili Pepper, Eggs, Cheese
  • Crackers: Wheat
  • Crudites: Either one carrot, Bell Pepper, Mushroom, or Cucumber – we’ve got a full guide on the Disney Dreamlight Valley Crudites recipe for the Mickey Mouse quest.
  • Eggplant Puffs: Eggplant, Eggs, Cheese
  • French Fries: Potato, Canola
  • Gazpacho: Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, any Seasoning
  • Green Salad: lettuce and any other vegetable
  • Grilled Vegetables: Any vegetable except Lettuce, Tomato, and Leek
  • Grilled Veggie Platter: Any three vegetables except Lettuce
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs: Egg
  • Okra Soup: Okra, Milk
  • Onion Puffs: Onion, Eggs, Cheese
  • Potato Leek Soup: Leek, Potato, Milk, Onion, Garlic
  • Potato Leek Soup: Leek, Potato, Milk, Onion, Garlic
  • Pumpkin Puffs: Pumpkin, Eggs, Cheese
  • Salad: Lettuce
  • Sauteed Mushrooms: Mushrooms, Butter
  • Seafood Appetizer: Any shellfish
  • Seafood Platter: Any two shellfish
  • Souffle: Cheese, Egg, Milk, Butter
  • Tomato Soup: Tomato
  • Vegetable Soup: Any two vegetables except for Lettuce
  • Zucchini Puffs: Zucchini, Eggs, Cheese

Disney Dreamlight Valley Entrees

Disney Dreamlight Valley collection menu entrees

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  • Bouillabaisse: Any two Shellfish, Shrimp, Tomato, Any Vegetable
  • Cheesy Crispy Baked Cod: Cod, Wheat, Cheese 
  • Crispy Baked Cod: Cod, Wheat
  • Fish Pie: Any Fish, Wheat, Butter
  • Fish Sandwiches: Any Fish except Cod, Wheat
  • Fish Soup: Any Fish, Any Vegetable, Milk
  • Grilled Fish: Any Fish
  • Grilled Fish Entrée: Any Fish, Any Vegetable
  • Hearty Salad: Two Vegetables, Lettuce
  • Leek Soup: Leek
  • Lemon Garlic Swordfish : Swordfish, Lemon, Garlic
  • Margherita Pizza: Tomato, Cheese, Wheat, any Seasoning
  • Mediterranean Salad: Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, Lettuce, Any seasoning
  • Mushroom Pizza: Tomato, Cheese, Wheat, Mushroom  
  • Pan-Seared Bass & Vegetables: Bass, Two Vegetables
  • Pan-Seared Tilapia & Vegetables: Tilapia, Two Vegetables
  • Peanut Butter Sandwich: Peanuts, Wheat
  • Pizza: Tomato, Cheese, Wheat
  • Porridge: Wheat, Milk
  • Porridge with Fruits: Wheat, Milk, any Fruit       
  • Ranch Salad: Lettuce, Bell Pepper, Corn, Tomato, Onion
  • Ratatouille: Tomato, Eggplant, Zucchini, Onion, any Seasoning – if you’re trying to get Remy to come back to Dreamlight Valley, use our Disney Dreamlight Valley ratatouille recipe guide.
  • Savory Fish: Any Fish, Lemon
  • Scrambled Egg: Eggs, Cheese
  • Seafood Salad: Any Shellfish, Lettuce
  • Sushi: Any Fish, Rice
  • Tasty Veggies: Any Vegetable, any Seasoning
  • Veggie Casserole: Two Vegetables, Cheese, any Seasoning
  • Veggie Pasta: Tomato, Wheat, Any Vegetable
  • Veggie Pie: Any Vegetable, Butter, Wheat

Disney Dreamlight Valley Desserts

Disney Dreamlight Valley collection menu desserts

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  • “My Hero” Cookies: Wheat, Butter, Cocoa Bean
  • Apple Pie: Apple, Wheat, Butter
  • Banana Pie: Banana, Wheat, Butter
  • Candy: Sugarcane
  • Caramel Apples : Sugarcane, Apple
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies: Cocoa Bean, Wheat, Sugarcane, Butter
  • Fruit Salad: Any Fruit
  • Peanut Butter Waffles: Peantus, Wheat, Eggs, Milk
  • Shake: Any Dairy
  • Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie: Gooseberry, Wheat, Butter