All Food Recipes In Against The Storm

All Food Recipes In Against The Storm

Setting up a good stockpile of food, both basic and luxurious, is an important part of surviving in Against the Storm.

In Against the Storm, you have quite a few things to manage if you want to keep your residents happy. If they’re not happy, their morale will drop, and this will lead to them leaving your settlement – this is disastrous for your supply chains.

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One of the most important parts of life in Against the Storm is food – without food, your residents will starve. Food is also a fantastic way to keep residents happy – give them their favorites, and their morale will be boosted rather significantly.

Basic Food

Against the Storm Eggs

The food in this section is basic – that is to say not a luxury. When your residents eat this food, their morale does not increase, but they will eat it to survive if they must. Getting a healthy supply of these foodstuffs will ensure that your residents don’t start leaving due to starvation – simply put, they’re better than nothing.



Obtained with:

Created in:


Herbalists’ Camps

Herb Gardens, Plantations


Trappers’ Camps



Trappers’ Camps


Trappers’ Camps



Herbalists’ Camps

Greenhouses, Homesteads


Foragers’ Camps

Herb Gardens


Foragers’ Camps

Homesteads, Small Farms

The buildings that allow you to create or farm these foodstuffs are often unlocked later in the game – for the first couple of cycles, you’ll be relying mostly on farms and whatever resources the map provides.

Also important to food production are Herbs and Flour. The former is obtained through Greenhouses, Herb Gardens, or from Herbalists’ Camps, while the latter is obtained through Rain Mills, Provisioners, Presses, or Suppliers.

Luxury Food

Against the Storm Encyclopedia Bakery

There are five different luxury foods in the game, each of them liked by different races. Once you’ve got your settlement started up and your supply lines are working, you should aim to be getting some luxury foods in. These serve two purposes – not only do they satisfy your residents’ hunger, but they will boost their morale.

Luxury Food

Liked By


Created In


Humans, Beavers, Harpies


Flavor: Herbs, Berries, or Roots

Apothecaries, Bakeries, Cookhouses, Field Kitchens, Smelters


Humans, Lizards, Harpies

Protein: Meat or Insects

Fuel: Wood, Oil, Coal, or Sea Marrow

Butchers, Cellars, Field Kitchens, Kilns, Smokehouses

Pickled Goods

Beavers, Lizards

Goods: Mushrooms, Eggs, Berries, Roots, or Vegetables

Container: Pottery, Barrels, Waterskins

Breweries, Cellars, Field Kitchens, Granaries


Humans, Lizards


Filling: Meat, Berries, Insects, Eggs, or Herbs

Bakeries, Brick Ovens, Furnaces


Lizards, Harpies

Filling One: Meat, Mushrooms, Jerky, or Insects

Filling Two: Roots, Berries, Eggs, or Vegetables

Butchers, Cookhouses, Grills

Once you unlock the ability to restrict consumption, it’s quite easy to make sure your residents only eat the luxury foods that they’ll get a morale bonus from! This will help immensely with keeping your morale high overall, even though it may lead to people eating basic food instead of luxury foods at times.

The mix of races that you have in your current settlement should sway you towards different blueprint unlocks. For example, if you’re on a map that has you getting Humans, Beavers, and Harpies, you should make an effort to set up a Biscuit supply line, which would involve a source of flour (and grain for the flour), as well as some sort of flavoring.

It is important to make sure you have ways to make all the prerequisite parts before trying to set up a supply line for luxury food. For example, if you want to start making Pickled Goods, you should make sure you have a healthy base of whichever containers you intend to use.

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