Nikka Whisky’s recipe for Bacon French Toast turns bread crusts into the perfect drinking partner

Nikka Whisky’s recipe for Bacon French Toast turns bread crusts into the perfect drinking partner

Have you ever wished there was a way to turn the crusts of your bread into a more delicious meal?

Well, Japanese whisky maker Nikka Whisky is here with a solution, and it’s so tasty and easy to make that we’ve added it straight to our roster of regular recipes.

Nikka Whisky first shared the recipe on its official Twitter account, and since then it’s gotten rave reviews from home cooks and whisky fans, so we decided to whip up a batch and share the recipe with you as well.

It’s called Guruguru Bacon French Toast, with guruguru meaning “round and round” or “in circles”, and all you need to get started is the following ingredients:

● Bread crusts – 8

● Bacon – 8 slices

● Egg yolk – 2, lightly beaten

● Milk – 1 cup

● Sugar – 1 tablespoon 

● Butter – 1 tablespoon

You can also add black pepper or honey as optional toppings.


Step 1.

Cut the bacon to the same width as the bread crust and wrap it around the crust, as shown below.


Step 2.

Secure the roll with a toothpick


Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the remaining crusts.


Step 3.

Soak the rolls in the French toast liquid (made by mixing the yolk, milk and sugar) for about five minutes.


Step 4.

Heat the butter in a frypan and add the rolls. Fry both sides on medium heat until golden.


▼ And they’re done.


After letting them cool a little, you’ll be sinking your teeth into a round of sweet, buttery, salty heaven.

▼ The sweet and salty combination makes these bite-sized morsels incredibly addictive.


▼ Feel free to add toppings like honey and black pepper to add even more flavor to the mix.


The bacon adds a strong, salty taste to each bite, and Nikka says this combination makes for an ideal drinking partner, especially when enjoyed with a glass of their whisky on the side.

So next time you pour yourself a Japanese whisky, why not cut off some bread crusts and roll yourself a little piece of guruguru heaven?

Reference: Twitter/@nikka_jp

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