What are some of the most popular borg recipes?

What are some of the most popular borg recipes?

People are taking to TikTok to share their favourite borg recipes as the drinking trend continues to gain an increased following.

What are some of the most popular borg recipes?

The borg, which stands for ‘black out rage gallon’ is a drink trend for mixing spirits and electrolyte hydration sachets along with flavourings to a gallon bottle of water in a bid to customise and control alcohol intake at parties.

@timthetankofficial posted his recipe which amassed 1.6 million likes on TikTok and revealed: “The first step is to take a gallon of water and dump about half..then, we’re going to fill it back up with vodka. Then, I’m going to add some liquid water enhancer, I’m using strawberry and watermelon. Next I’m going to fill it up with two hydration packets. Put the cap on and give it a nice shake.”

@hannahguerra6 who prepared her borg for her birthday gained 5832 likes and took a three quarter gallon jug of water and said: “I’m adding Tequila and then I’m using a pink lemonade Crystal Light and then a berry liquid. Then, so I can party into the night, I’m adding a sugar-free Red Bull.”

The new “borg” drinking trend, which is sweeping across US college campuses, has recently begun to raise concerns with health professionals after physicians warned it could be “more dangerous” than drinking a standard alcoholic drink due to the volume issue.

@justaddbuoy revealed: “It’s essentially a hack to drink a bunch, have a crazy night and not feel terrible the next day. So, you start with a gallon of water and pour out half and add a fifth of your alcohol of choice.”

However, some fans also have indicated that the trend is actually more conscientious and the customisation element means that people have more control over the contents of their drink, but still look like they are part of the party.

The recipe posted by @justaddbuoy on TikTok offered up a healthier take on the trend and highlighted that “people have been using a combination of MiO and liquid IV, but instead, I’m adding natural juice and Buoy hydration. Life is too short to have a hangover and I actually care about what I put in my body. I’m going to add those electrolytes and then when I am done I’m going to put the cap on and just shake it. Then, most importantly, you have to name it calling it with something with ‘borg’.Gen Zs just drink this and I’m definitely not condoning it, but it is also kind of smart.”

@justaddbuoy outlined a list of benefits of borgs and reasoned that it is “a closed container” that you know “you made and you know what is in it” highlighting that “it is half water and electrolytes” and also “no one knows if you add alcohol or not” which gives the drinker control over their own drinks consumption at parties.