29 bestselling Amazon kitchen gadgets to simplify your life in 2023

29 bestselling Amazon kitchen gadgets to simplify your life in 2023

Spending hours chopping and stirring to prepare a delicious meal that gets eaten in 15 minutes can drain the joy out of cooking faster than boiling an egg. If you want to simplify your time in the kitchen, there are hundreds of products on the market today that promise to slice, dice and chop vegetables effortlessly; make the perfect latte; cut an avocado in perfectly even slices; or present you with a beautiful scoop of ice cream. Problem is, many of these claims fall short – their blades are hard to clean, there’s no space in your cabinets to store the “ingenious” item, or in the end it’s so complicated that relying on traditional methods is easier.

“I love kitchen gadgets, but you definitely need to read the reviews,” said Rachel Rotunno, owner of catering event company Grazing Cape Cod in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Her company, which serves Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Cape Cod, creates grazing boards, charcuterie boards and charcuterie tables filled with fresh, local ingredients from farmers, fishermen, bakeries, honey harvesters and more. “Prep is huge,” she said. “We spend four to eight hours prepping for just one event – cutting cheeses, cutting vegetables and making designs with fruits – so I love kitchen gadgets. They save so much time.” Some of Rotunno’s favorites include a cheese grater that suctions to her countertop, a mandolin for chopping, and a silicone oyster “pocket” that offers leverage and protects your hands when shucking. “An automated pot stirrer is also great so I can tend to the other things.”

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We’ve weeded through hundreds of kitchen gadgets to find the very best ones that actually claim to do what they say – and make you wonder how you ever lived without them. Our comprehensive list of innovative products are not only time savers but problem solvers and space savers to make life in the kitchen easier and more fun.

Best kitchen gadgets of 2023

Below are 29 top-rated kitchen gadgets that consumers say are saving them time, keeping foods fresher, improving pantry organization, providing a cleaner kitchen and upping their culinary skills all around. All have an average 4-star rating or above and store easily in even the smallest kitchens – and they make great gifts, too.

Best time-saving kitchen gadgets

Fullstar All-in-1 Vegetable Chopper

4.6-star average rating from 18,461 Amazon reviews

This No. 1 bestseller weighs just under 4 pounds and has 5 interchangeable stainless-steel blades to chop onions, dice apples, grate cheese, spiralize zucchini and much more, says the brand. You can also ribbon, julienne or noodle your veggies. The Fullstar chopper has a non-slip base and a removable catch tray to cut down on cleanup. It also comes with a cleaning brush, cleaning scraper, blade storage organizer and a finger guard and cut-resistant gloves.

OXO Good Grips Avocado Slicer

4.6-star average rating from 34,233 Amazon reviews

The average American eats more than 7 pounds of avocados annually, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, so this tool could save a lot of time when it comes to slicing, pitting and scooping this popular fruit. According to the brand, it has a non-slip grip, a stainless-steel center that removes the pit with one twist and a blade that cuts the avocado into seven slices. It’s also dishwasher-safe.

Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper

4.2-star average rating from 7,698 Amazon reviews

If you prefer fresh kernels straight from the cob rather than canned corn for your salads, salsa and other recipes, this corn-stripping tool eliminates the struggle. To use, insert the corn into the round cylinder and twist from end to end. The stainless-steel blades remove the kernels and is safe enough for kids to use, says the brand. The Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper is BPA free and dishwasher-safe.

Zulay Premium Apple Corer

4.7-star average rating from 16,220 Amazon reviews

This apple corer gets high marks from reviewers for comfort and efficiency. It has a plastic ergonomic handle that comes in 12 bold colors, along with twin stainless-steel blades that grip the core as the serrated tip slices through the apple. A spring-loaded lever opens the blade halves to release the core. The apple corer can also be used on pears and tomatoes, can remove pits and seeds and is 100{d2b09b03d44633acb673e8080360919f91e60962656af8ade0305d5d8b7e4889} rust-proof, says the brand.

Gidli Heavy-Duty Kitchen Shears/Seafood Scissors Bundle

4.6-star average rating from 8,405 Amazon reviews

These heavy-duty kitchen shears from Gidli cuts through poultry, fish, cooked and raw meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs and more with ease, says the brand. The seafood scissors are specially designed to cut through the tough shells of lobster, king crab, shrimp and other shellfish. The shears and scissors are both made of stainless steel, have ergonomically designed handles and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N’ Strain Pot Strainer

4.5-star average rating from 27,487 Amazon reviews

This silicone fine mesh strainer lets you drain water from any round pot, pan or bowl with one hand. It is designed with a drainage spout to maximize drainage, says the brand, and is half the size of a colander, which makes it especially ideal for those with limited counter space. The strainer snaps on to round pots, pans and bowls of all sizes, including glass, wood and lipped bowls, says the brand. It’s BPA-free, heat resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher-safe. The Kitchen Gizmo Snap N’ Strain Pot Strainer comes in four colors, including Lime Green, Gray, Orange and Purple.

Thrifty Ice Cream Scoop

4.4-star average rating from 4,834 Amazon reviews

This commercial-grade stainless-steel ice cream scooper was designed to ease the struggle of scooping hard, frozen ice cream and dispensing it as a perfect cylindrical shape into your cone or dish. Push the scooper into the ice cream container, turn it 90 degrees, and pull up on the handle. Two prongs hold on to the ice cream, and when you release the handle, a spring-powered trigger dispenses it.

Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

4.3-star average rating from 76,683 Amazon reviews

This portable electric can opener provides a hands-free can-opening solution that is ideal for people with arthritis or other gripping challenges. To use, place it on top of any round can, making sure the blade and gear are on opposite sides of the edge, and push the button. The Kitchen Mama rotates 360 degrees to completely open the can, leaving no sharp edges, says the brand. It runs on 4 AA batteries and comes in five fun colors.

Meyuewal Jar and Bottle Opener Bundle

4.4-star average rating from 22,821 Amazon reviews

There’s nothing worse than struggling to open a jar. This jar opener from Meyuewal has an ergonomic cushioned silicone handle that fits any size hand, even a child’s. It adjusts to four different-sized jars, and its inner rubber lining ensures jars won’t slip when you twist, even when wet, says the brand. The bundle also includes a silicone, easy-grip bottle opener. The bundle pack comes in 13 colors to choose from.

Best fancy kitchen gadgets

Gorilla Grip Magnetic Measuring Spoons

4.8-star average rating from 1,884 Amazon reviews

These measuring spoons have a slip-resistant ergonomic grip and are BPA-free and food- and dishwasher-safe, says the brand. They are also magnetic, so they nest together and stay hitched when stored. The measurement markings are in both Imperial and metric, and each spoon is dual-sided, with an oval, slimmer end to measure solids and fit into spice jars and a round end to measure liquids – eliminating the need to wash in between solids and liquids.

OXO Good Grips Baker’s Dusting Wand

4.8-star average rating from 5,070 Amazon reviews

This duster wand is designed to take the place of large shakers. It can evenly flour baking pans, sprinkle paprika on deviled eggs, dust a souffle with powdered sugar or finish a cappuccino with a bit of cinnamon. It holds between 1 and 2 tablespoons, is made of stainless steel, so it’s rust-proof, and is dishwasher-safe.

Legendary Chef Culinary Cooking Torch

4.5-star average rating from 2,597 Amazon reviews

This handheld butane torch can sear sous vide steaks, melt cheese on nachos, roast tomatoes, caramelize sugar atop creme brulee and more, says the brand. Its body is made of aluminum but you can choose from eight bold colors that accent the torch for a fun look. A safety lock prevents accidental ignition, says the brand, and the handle is designed so your fingers avoid ever touching the flame.

Flafster Kitchen Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder

4.4-star average rating from 11,210 Amazon reviews

Elegantly designed and made of stainless steel, this electric salt-and-pepper set comes in a metal-and-wood caddy and requires 4 AA batteries for each grinder. According to the brand, these grinders can operate using only one hand and are not only useful for grinding Himalayan salt and black peppercorns but other spices as well. You can also adjust the levels between fine, medium and coarse.

Zulay MilkBoss Ultra-Premium Milk Frother

4.6-star average rating from 92,563 Amazon reviews

With the Zulay Milk Frother, serious coffee drinkers will now get their barista-grade cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos right at home. It works on all types of milk, including soy, almond, half and half, cashew and other dairy products, such as butter, says the brand. It can also be used to mix protein-powder drinks. It’s powered by two AA batteries and comes with its own stand. Zulay also guarantees that it will never rust or break. It comes in 45 bold colors and designs, such as Golden Sunrise, Hearts, Grapefruit, Pink with Gold, and Metallic Green.

Ecolution Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper

4.4-star average rating from 55,648 Amazon reviews

The healthy alternative to bagged popcorn, the Micro-Pop popcorn maker pops kernels you buy yourself, so there’s no chance of harsh chemicals or preservatives. It comes in two sizes – 1.5 quarts and 3 quarts – and is made of temperature-safe borosilicate glass, says the brand. The lid and borosilicate glass bowl are all dishwasher-safe. It comes in six colors, including Aqua, Yellow, Teal, Hot Pink, Red and Blue.

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

4.7-star average rating from 37,825 Amazon reviews

Customers love this pizza cutter for its durability and ergonomic design. Because it fits into the palm of your hand, you have more control when slicing through pies, says the brand. It’s dishwasher-safe and also comes with a blade guard to keep your cutter securely stored away when not in use. The Kitchy Pizza Cutter comes in three colors, including Red, Blue and Green.

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

4.6-star average rating from 23,645 Amazon reviews

This sandwich maker cooks custom breakfast sandwiches two at a time in as little as 5 minutes, says the brand, making it easy for people on the go. Just build the base of your sandwich on the bottom layer, place an egg and your sandwich’s top layer on the upper cooking plate, and close the lid. It has a countdown timer and a beep will let you know when it’s done. A recipe book with more than 25 recipes is included. All of its removable parts are dishwasher-safe, and at just under 8 inches wide, 10 inches deep and 6 inches high, it’s easy to store or leave on your countertop.

Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit

4.6-star average rating from 2,084 Amazon reviews

This smart indoor garden lets you grow herbs, vegetables and flowers right on your countertop or windowsill without any sunlight. Just pop in some plant pods (three basil pods are included), fill the water reservoir and plug in the LED light. The lamp automatically cycles for 16 hours on and 8 hours off. The kit measures 9 x 4.9 x 12.5 inches and weighs about 3.5 pounds. Click & Grow also offers more than 50 pre-seeded plant pods for purchase, including cilantro, basil, lavender, wild strawberries, thyme and even chili peppers, or you can purchase seedless pods and drop in your own seeds. The base is available in Beige, Gray or White.

Best practical kitchen gadgets

Dreamfarm Supoon

4.8-star average rating from 4,883 Amazon reviews

The Dreamfarm Supoon lets you scrape, measure, stir, mix, scoop and serve using one spoon. It’s designed with a flat silicone tip, deep scooping head and flexible squeegee sides to make it easy to scrape pans and bowls clean and comes with 15mL tablespoon and 5mL teaspoon measurement lines. The Supoon is safe to use on non-stick cookware, and its silicone tip resists heat up to 500°F. It’s also dishwasher-safe.

NutriChef Vacuum Air Sealing System

4.3-star average rating from 37,379 Amazon reviews

This system vacuum seals your food in environmentally friendly bags so your food stays free of freezer burn and up to five times longer than zippered baggies or containers, says the brand. It has two modes, based on the type of food you want to seal: Choose the dry option for solid food and the moist option for poached, simmered or steamed food. Consumers gave the NutriChef high ratings for its ability to keep food fresh and its ease of use.

Silicone Utensil Rest with Drip Pad

4.7-star average rating from 32,848 Amazon reviews

This silicone resting pad was designed to stop utensils from dripping all over your countertops while cooking. Its spoon rest has four slots and raised edges to catch all the drips. It can hold spoons, spatulas, ladles, brushes, tongs forks and more, says the brand. It has a non-slip base and won’t be affected by the heat from the stove. It comes in 31 colors to match any decor.

Greater Goods Gray Food Scale

4.6-star average rating from 119,710 Amazon reviews

This smart food scale is excellent for measuring your food portions at home. It has an LCD display and an 11-pound capacity and measures right down to the gram. Best of all, it weighs only 7.5 ounces, has a footprint of only 8×6 inches and is less than an inch high. The Gray Food Scale comes in 11 colors.

Best space-saving kitchen gadgets

MayNest Washable Refrigerator Liners

4.3-star average rating from 13,904 Amazon reviews

Keep your refrigerator shelves clean and moisture-free with these washable liners. They fit standard shelves but can also be trimmed to any size. They also work well in pantries, drawers and as placemats, says the brand. They are made of non-toxic 100{d2b09b03d44633acb673e8080360919f91e60962656af8ade0305d5d8b7e4889} food-grade EVA and are odor- and BPA-free, so it’s safe to place food directly on them. Choose from a pack of 8 or 12 liners in various colors.

Mudeela Pots and Pans Organizer

4.2-star average rating from 15,701 Amazon reviews

If you constantly have trouble finding your cookware when you need it, this iron pot organizer rack will help keep your pots, pans, lids, trays, plates, cookie sheets and cutting boards organized and easy to reach. There are eight tiers, and the dividers are adjustable so you can tailor the racks to fit your cookware.

SpaceAid Spice Drawer Organizer

4.8-star average rating from 2,183 Amazon reviews

This drawer organizer fits into a drawer space that’s 2.5 inches high, making it easy to grab your spices when you need them. It comes with a four-tiered spice rack, 28 square empty glass spice jars, 340 pre-printed spice labels and 46 blank labels, along with a chalk marker to DIY some of your own labels.

HOOJO Refrigerator Organizer Bins

4.7-star average rating from 24,483 Amazon reviews

These shatter-proof BPA-free bins are easy to clean and great for organizing your refrigerator and creating more space. This set comes with eight bins to separate fruit, meat, milk, salad dressing, drink bottles, canned food, condiments and more.

Utoplike Bamboo Kitchen Drawer Dividers

4.5-star average rating from 9,254 Amazon reviews

Organize all the utensils in your kitchen with these expandable drawer dividers made of natural bamboo. Each divider has a built-in spring to keep them in place and adjust easily to match your needs. Both ends of the divider also have pads to protect your drawers.

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  • Rachel Rotunno is the owner of Grazing Cape Cod, an event catering company specializing in grazing boards, charcuterie boards and grazing tables. They are based in Falmouth, Massachusetts and serve Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

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