Best Kitchen Tools – 12 Favorite Daily Kitchen Tools

Best Kitchen Tools – 12 Favorite Daily Kitchen Tools

These are my top favorites in the kitchen that I can’t live without! The best kitchen tools that make the cooking process easier and more enjoyable. Add them to your list!

Here’s what I can’t live without when it comes to the kitchen!

I loooove sharing things like this because I secretly want to know YOUR favorites.

I’ve been wanting to share my current top ten kitchen items with you and was inspired yesterday when I saw Joy share her kitchen splurges. I absolutely LOVE seeing what items people use in the kitchen – what changes the game for them and makes everything easier. I’m all about easy.

Most of these below will come as no surprise! You will recognize a lot of these items from either seeing them in my photos or reading about them in my monthly favorites.

A few years ago I shared a complete list of my kitchen essentials – all of my favorite things that I recommend after 15 solid years of serious cooking. I update that list frequently and still stand by all of those items, but wanted to give you a quick peek at the things I use daily, or almost daily.

The kitchen items that I can’t live without!

The ones that make a huge difference when it comes to moving about in the kitchen and getting things done.

Share yours with me below!

12 Best Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without

The Scrub Daddy

Is it weird to talk about a sponge first? If you haven’t used a scrub daddy before, you are missing out. It is the best sponge that exists EVER – perfect for cleaning everything (especially silverware) and makes dishes a breeze. If you’re like me and make sure everything is spotless before it goes in the dishwasher, you need this.

Meat Chopper

This was life changing for us. It chops up ground beef or turkey so incredibly well – and easily. I have three or four of these and can’t go without them whether I’m making bolognese, tacos, etc.

Parchment baking sheets

This is one of the best things you can buy for your kitchen. I have gone through countless packs of these and they are a dream. You will never buy a roll of parchment paper again. Seriously.

The Nutribullet

I use this almost daily, but not for smoothies! This is how I make the most incredible vinaigrettes and dressings. I use it for my ranch dressing and my cilantro lime vinaigrette. It’s the perfect size and just so easy! I can’t live without this. And of course, if I’m making one small smoothie (as if that happens in a fam of 5, haha), it works for that too!

Global Knife Block

Good knives are the best tool for success in the kitchen. I have always had the hardest time spending money on good knives – they just don’t seem as fun as other items. But they are necessary and will totally change the game when it comes to cooking. Global knives are my absolute favorite. We use every single knife in this block, sometimes every day! They are so sturdy, sharp and sleek.

Mezzaluna knife

I also always have a mezzaluna on hand for chopping herbs and cutting homemade pizza. This makes it so simple to chop fresh herbs and garlic. It also just makes cutting flatbreads or smaller pizzas very easy. I also use it to make chopped salads – aka, the best salads.

W&P Porter Sealed Bowls

These jars are one of my favorite ways to store leftovers, sauces, dressings and more. First, they are pretty. But second, they are sleek and fit well in the fridge, plus keep the food super fresh. They are very secure. I use both sizes, but probably grab the 24 oz more often.

Weck tulip jars

This is another jar I use often for sauces, dressings and extras like pickled onions. Real life – I never use the clamps on these, but I do use the lids. They aren’t sealed tight which means what goes in here is limited. But I like these for serving or when I set out a lot of toppings or dressings. I use all the sizes of weck jars, but this tulip one is probably my most used.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Braiser

You probably recognize this because I use it in many of my recipes and photos here! If I want a heavier pan to throw in the oven, I love to use this one in the 3.5 quart size. I find that it’s a nice size and isn’t too heavy. I have the matte white shade and love it.

Greenpan Reserve Cookware

I am the HUGEST fan of my greenpan cookware. I’ve used it now for years (5+? or maybe more.) and can’t go without it. It’s the best nonstick cookware I’ve ever used. Now I do follow the rules and don’t go over medium heat (you don’t need it if you heat your skillet properly!) and hand wash these. Best pans ever.

OXO gold sheet pans

I get asked every single day about my gold sheet pans! These are the hardest working pans in my kitchen and I adore them. The OXO ones are my favorite, but I also use this three pack from Target too. I love the smaller ones. I probably have 20 to 30 of these gold pans and they are the best.

OXO stainless salad spinner

Salad spinners make me feel very 1990s, but I am telling you – they make one heck of a salad. They are the most efficient (and fastest!) way to get your lettuce/greens dry and crisp. Using this is one of the reason most of our salads at home taste restaurant-worthy.

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