Classic British teatime favourites given makeover in new recipes – with sausage twist

Classic British teatime favourites given makeover in new recipes – with sausage twist

Some of Britain’s best-loved dishes have been given a makeover – with a sausage twist. To mark its 10th anniversary, sausage experts HECK have created a guide of 10 recipes to inspire those who love a banger, to get more creative in the kitchen.

One of the reimagined recipes is a “sausage trifle” – a savoury take on the beloved layered pudding which uses piped mash potato, a cheese sauce, and is topped with proudly upright sausages.

An update on a tikka masala curry involves using chicken sausages, whilst other mouth-watering dishes include a cooked sausage sushi, and a daring pork and apple tarte tatin.

French dessert croquembouche has also swapped its cream-stuffed choux buns, drizzled with a chocolate sauce, for Yorkshire puddings, sausages, and gravy to be poured over the tempting volcano-shaped gastronomic delight.

Other favourites to be given a porky twist include bao buns, ramen, muffins, and a sausage-spiked bread and butter pudding.

It comes after a poll of 2,000 adults found four in five (79 percent) are stuck in a “teatime rut”, and eat the same meals several times a month.

Debbie Keeble, from HECK, which created the guide as part of its “Future Teatime Classics” campaign, said: “Adding panache and fun into flavour-packed meals is exactly what we are about.

“Research shows we whip up the same dinners each day all too frequently. In the last 10 years of HECK, we have encouraged Great Britain to invent, re-think, and reinvigorate their teatime.

“We regularly post new ideas on our social channels – but for this very special occasion, we wanted to push the boat out, releasing 10 full recipes.

“I hope the next time you’re thinking of having bangers and mash, you reach for the trifle bowl.”

The study also found 59 percent of adults consider dinner to be the most important meal of the day – confounding many suggestions that breakfast is.

And 70 percent said it is their favourite time to eat, with home cooks spending an average of 38 minutes in the kitchen each evening.

When asked to name the most iconic TV food moments, Gino D’Acampo’s “If my grandmother had wheels, she would’ve been a bike” comment, on ITV’s This Morning show, swept the board.

His comedic retort floored show host Holly Willoughby, leaving her hiding from the cameras as she laughed – following the suggestion of adding ham to Gino’s authentic Italian carbonara recipe.

However, many may not agree with Gino’s dismay at the suggested twist to his recipes – as 46 percent believe it’s time for meals, particularly with sausages, to be reinvented for a more exciting spin.

And one in six claimed they would be intrigued to try sausages within a sweet treat.

The study, carried out via OnePoll, also found 56 percent consider sausages to be a staple part of their grocery shop.

Ruby Parkyn, from Yorkshire-based, family-run business HECK, which has launched 10 different types of sausages since 2013, said: “10 years is a big landmark for us, and we wanted to celebrate it in the only way we know how – cooking something utterly delicious.

“And as a mega-fan of the TV sitcom Friends, I can wholeheartedly say our version of the meat-based trifle is much nicer than the one Rachel prepares for Thanksgiving.”