Cooking Tips: 5 Tips To Make Super Crispy Fried Chicken

Cooking Tips: 5 Tips To Make Super Crispy Fried Chicken

The moment we think of an amazing snack that we can endlessly binge upon, fried chicken immediately pops up into our minds. The goodness of a crusty, golden-brown exterior gives way to juicy chicken… this description itself is enough to make us drool! Have you ever wondered why the fried chicken you cook at home turns out less than ideal when compared to the restaurant-style one? Luckily, we have found some ingredients that could turn out to be a saviour for your fried chicken recipe. Save these cooking tips and keep them handy next time you’re planning to cook them!

Here Are 5 Easy Tips To Make Perfectly Crispy Fried Chicken:

1. Add Soda

The fizz in soda can actually make for an excellent addition to your fried chicken batter. The carbon dioxide in the batter will get deep-fried and make the chicken super crisp and all the more delicious! So, add soda without hesitation.

2. Use Buttermilk

Fermented foods like buttermilk can also further enhance the taste of fried chicken. The tinge of sourness complements the juicy chicken perfectly well and gives amazing results every single time. Further, the bubbling process that begins in the batter can impart an additional crunch to the fried chicken!

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Buttermilk or chaach can help impart a sourness to the dish. Photo: iStock

3. Deep Fry In Alcohol

This one may seem strange, but trust us, it actually works! No matter which liquor you choose to add to the fried chicken batter, it would enhance the taste indubitably. Beer would add an additional fizz, while liquor like vodka would evaporate instantly while cooking and leave an amazing aftertaste imparting super crispy results.

4. Coat With Breadcrumbs

Sometimes, the oldest trick in the book works the best! Using a coating of breadcrumbs along with cornflour can take your fried chicken to a whole other dimension. The finer the breadcrumbs, the better and crisper your fried chicken will turn out to be. But always ensure that the breadcrumbs stick to the chicken properly before putting it in for deep frying.

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Fried chicken can become even crisper with breadcrumbs. Photo: iStock

5. Use Egg Whites

A simple coating of egg white, also known as an egg wash, can also result in crisp and delicious fried chicken without much hassle. Simply whip up a couple of egg whites, brush them on top of the chicken and fry it without fear. You will get restaurant-style fried chicken every single time!

Which trick works best for you to get restaurant-style fried chicken? Tell us in the comments.

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