Cooking Tips: Learn How To Make Perfectly Fluffy And Soft French Toast With These 6 Tips

Cooking Tips: Learn How To Make Perfectly Fluffy And Soft French Toast With These 6 Tips

French toast is the king of breakfast. This sweet and delicious dish is soft and fluffy from inside and crispy from the outside. Besides that, it is super easy to make and only needs 4-5 ingredients to prepare, which include bread, milk, eggs, sugar, butter and honey or maple syrup for that extra sweet taste. Even though is it simple to cook, many people fail to get a perfectly fluffy French toast. For those who don’t know what they are doing wrong while cooking this dish, these tips will surely be helpful. Find out how to make perfectly fluffy and soft French toast at home.

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Here Are 6 Tips To Prepare Fluffy French Toast:

1. Choose The Right Bread

Bread is the base of the French toast recipe. There are a variety of breads available in market these days; you can use any bread which is broad in size. Broad breads turn out to be fluffier as they hold more mixture within them. However, it’s okay to use thin sliced bread too but there are chances it will break after soaking the wet batter.


Use a big-broad bread to make French toast. Photo Credit: unsplash

2. Balance Egg and Milk Ratio

The trick for making fluffy French toast is to balance the ratio of eggs and milk. Do not hold back on adding more eggs. Use around 2 to 4 eggs for preparing 2 slices of French toast. While you make the batter, ensure that you add more eggs in comparison to milk. If there’s too much milk added to the batter, there are chances that the egg in the mixture will not cook properly, which will make the French toast very soggy.


Don’t add too much milk in the batter. Photo Credit: unsplash

3. Mix The Batter Well

This is the most important step in making French toast. Mix the egg, sugar, and milk batter properly till you see froth on the mixture. When you see tiny little bubbles on top of the mixture, it’s time to stop mixing the batter. You can now go ahead with using it to soak the bread.


The batter should not be too runny. Photo Credit: unsplash

4. Soak The Bread

Don’t miss out on soaking the bread in the wet mixture. In a broad, deep bowl, pour the mixture and put the bread slice in it. Soak it until it absorbs the mixture and looks soft. You have to be careful while doing this as the bread should not be under soaked or over soaked.


Let the bread soak the batter properly. Photo Credit: unsplash

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5. Cook At Right Temperature

To make fluffy French toast, ensure to preheat the pan on low flame. Do not over heat it, because the base of the bread will cook faster and become crispy, whereas the inside of the bread will be undercooked and soggy. The pan should neither be over heated nor under heated.

6. Grease The Pan

Apply 1 tbsp oil and half tbsp butter on the hot pan. Using only butter to cook the bread will not be a great choice because the butter will burn out soon, leaving a bitter taste. This is why it is important to use both oil and butter together to add flavour and to cook the bread properly. This will result in perfectly fluffy French toast.

Don’t forget to sprinkle honey or maple syrup on top of your delectable French toast to give it an extra flavour boost.