Globally inspired Pancake Day recipes from around the world

Globally inspired Pancake Day recipes from around the world

Shrove Tuesday is here and if you’re planning on whipping up your traditional crepe or chunky pancake recipe, perhaps we can inspire you to look around the world for a more interesting option to prepare this year. 

British online supermarket Ocado has taken inspiration from cuisines around the world for those looking to try something unique this Pancake Day and the globally infused sweet and savoury recipes certainly offer interesting options.

Taking inspiration from across the world, Ocado has worked with chefs to create three delicious recipes, to provide the nation with a go-to menu for this year’s Shrove Tuesday. From savoury Sri Lankan rice pancakes bursting with pomegranate juices, to delicate, fruity French crêpes and sticky, sweet classics, you can find the recipes below. Which one will you be attempting today?

Sri Lankan Rice Pancakes

Also known as hoppers, these fermented, bowl-shaped pancakes are gluten-free.

Prep Time: 40 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins
Serves: 4


1 sachet of fast-action yeast
3 tsp sugar
375g rice flour
800ml coconut milk
10g dried chilli flakes
50g onion, for the chilli sambal, plus 1 tbsp finely chopped for the coconut sambal
½ tsp fish sauce, for the chilli sambal, plus ½ tbsp for the coconut sambal
1 lemon, juiced
50g desiccated coconut
2 limes, juiced
4 eggs
1 handful of pomegranate seeds
1 handful of coriander


1. Mix the yeast, sugar, and 2 tsp warm water in a large bowl. Leave it to activate for 10-15 mins until a flossy layer of bubbles appears on top.

2. Add the rice flour and a pinch of salt to the yeast mixture. Slowly pour in the coconut milk, stirring until it reaches the consistency of thick pancake batter (you may not need all the second tin). When fully mixed, cover it with cling film and leave it to ferment in a warm place for at least 20 min.

3. While you wait, make the sambals. Put the ingredients for chilli sambal in a food processor and pulse until you get a coarse mixture. Remove into a bowl and repeat for the coconut sambal.

4. Be prepared to work quickly when you make the hoppers. Warm a small non-stick wok or frying pan over medium heat, pour in a ladle of the mixture and swirl around to cover the inside of the pan, then break an egg in the middle, place the lid on and cook for 2 mins, or until the egg whites are set but the yolks still runny. The edge of the hopper will be slightly golden and crispy too.

5. Slide onto a plate. Repeat to make three more and serve with the sambals, pomegranate, and coriander.

Ban Xeo Vietnamese Pancakes

This Vietnamese-style spicy chilli, chicken and prawn pancake is ideal for those who like their pancakes for dinner as well as dessert. 

Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 7 mins
Serves: 4


124g rice flour
1 tbsp butter, melted, or flavourless oil
¼ tsp turmeric
88ml coconut milk
250g cooked chicken, or pork, cut into slices
150g prawns, raw, shelled
3 small spring onions, (or 1 large) finely sliced on diagonal
100g beansprouts
1 tsp oil
2 tbsp sugar
1 lime, juice, to taste
2 tbsp fish sauce
2 bird’s eye chillies, finely sliced
1 garlic clove, chopped
1 butterhead lettuce
1 bunch of mint leaves
1 bunch of coriander leaves
1 onion, sliced


1. Whisk the batter ingredients together (rice flour, butter, turmeric, salt, 175ml water, coconut milk).

2. Heat a frying or crepe pan (or a wok) to a high temperature and pour in a tablespoon of oil. When this is hot, ladle in enough of your batter to just cover the base of the pan. Carefully fold 1 tbsp of whisked egg whites into the egg yolk batter and repeat until combined.

3. After a few minutes, scatter the meat, onion, spring onion, prawns, and beansprouts over half the pancake. Fold half the pancake over, pour another teaspoon or so of oil around the edge of the pancake and cover with an upturned metal bowl or a lid and cook for about 3-4 minutes, until the ingredients start to soften, and the underneath of the crepe has started to turn golden and darker brown in spots.

4. While the pancake is cooking, mix all the ingredients for the Nuoc Cham dipping sauce (4 tablespoons water, sugar, lime juice, fish sauce, chillies, garlic, flavourless oil) and whisk till the sugar dissolves. Tear the leaves from the lettuce leaving them as large as possible.

5. Drain the pancake on some kitchen paper and pop it onto a plate; to eat, tear pieces of it off and wrap it up in the lettuce leaves with some of the fresh herbs. Dip into the nuoc cham and enjoy.

Warm Apricot and Cream Crêpes 

These Warm Apricot and Cream Crêpes make a speedy yet showstopping pudding. Using ready-made compote is the secret to keeping things quick, but warming it through with ginger, vanilla or cardamom takes the flavour up a notch.

Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 25 mins
Serves: 2

For the batter


30g unsalted butter
2 eggs
350ml whole milk
260g plain white flour
1 large pinch salt


1. Brown the butter by melting it in a pan over a medium heat, then cook for 3-4 mins until the solids turn golden, the oil darkens and the butter smells nutty. Take off the heat to cool a little.

2. Use a balloon whisk to whisk the eggs in a large bowl, then whisk in the milk (half the amount, if making it light), flour and salt. Then add the brown butter (or oil, for dairy free). If you’re making it light, finish by whisking in the water. The batter will keep in the fridge for up to 48 hrs.

For the topping


1 tbsp unsalted butter, for frying
600g jar Bonne Maman Apricot Compote (or another flavour)
¼ tsp grated fresh ginger, (optional)
200g flaked almonds
300ml double cream
15g caster sugar
100g greek yoghurt
1 lemon, zested


1. Wipe a 20cm frying pan with butter or oil using kitchen towel; place on a medium-high heat. Pour in 60ml of the batter, tilting the pan to create a thin layer. Cook for 1-2 mins until the underside is golden. Flip the pancake over; cook for 1-2 mins. Repeat to use up the batter; keep the pancakes warm under foil.

2. Warm the compote in a pan over a very low heat, adding the ginger, vanilla or cardamom, if using. Meanwhile, toast the almonds in a small pan over a medium heat, until golden.

3. Put the cream and sugar into a mixing bowl and use an electric whisk to whisk until firm, then gently mix in the greek yoghurt.

4. To serve, place a pancake on a plate, spread 2tbsp of the compote over half, then fold over. Dollop some cream on top and scatter with almonds. Finish with lemon zest, if you like.