SameTech pineapple corer review: This $13 tool saves me so much money

SameTech pineapple corer review: This  tool saves me so much money

As an arranging professional, solitary-use kitchen resources are between the products that I caution people today versus shopping for. In my personal lifetime, I avoid bringing them into my residence. Over the many years, I have quietly donated, regifted or thrown out strawberry hullers and mini Crock-Pots and spoon hooks and masses of other seemingly intelligent but essentially quite worthless kitchen area resources that properly-which means men and women have given as gifts.

This below-$15 software can core, chop and peel a pineapple, creating high-priced pre-chopped fruit a matter of the earlier.

So it is with no compact volume of care and consideration that I make this advice to you: This pineapple corer and slicer is a amazing kitchen area resource that deserves a location in numerous (not all!) kitchens. Let me inform you why I assume so!

I acquired the pineapple coring and slicing device after looking at it on “The Serious Housewives of Orange County.” It is important that you know that this critique is a deeply honest critique.

The pineapple software showed up as, essentially, a bash trick on “RHOC,” and as a social gathering trick, it is an eye-catching a single! For the reason that the pineapple instrument, at the time it has been employed to main and reduce the flesh of a pineapple into rings, leaves at the rear of an intact pineapple husk (bark? What is outer pineapple named?) that can be employed to provide drinks. I have carried out this several occasions and it is at the moment my most amazing bash trick!

But party methods on your own are not sufficient to make me advocate that you convey a single-use kitchen area device into your dwelling.

Enter: math.

pinapple_slicerpineapple slicer_lead_2

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Although the celebration trick was what drew me to the pineapple resource, I pulled the result in on acquiring it just after a very simple ROI calculation. By my back again-of-the-envelope math, the pineapple corer/slicer paid out for itself in three pineapples. Precut pineapple is highly-priced!

I purchased the instrument when it was $11 at the time, a full pineapple was $2.99 and a approximately equivalent amount of precut pineapple was at least $6.99. That $4 savings meant that when I minimize into the 3rd whole pineapple I obtained immediately after buying the pineapple tool, I experienced officially acquired back the funds I put in on it. And: For the reason that pineapples can be unwieldy to minimize utilizing a knife, resulting in squander, investing in the coring and slicing tool intended that I was maximizing the whole pineapple invest in by obtaining as much sweet flesh out of it as attainable.

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On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to the pineapple resource: One, it is uncomfortable to shop, so if kitchen area storage is constrained, you will want to truly think about whether you want to devote drawer or shelf house to it. Two, at a time when a head of cauliflower can charge 10 dollars, paying $11 to $15 on a gadget that isn’t strictly important may not be where by you want to put your cash.

The pineapple software helps make speedy perform of hollowing out the flesh of a pineapple into rings, which can then be minimize into chunks applying a complementary slicing software, which is provided in the bundle.

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To use the instrument, start out by reducing the major off the pineapple. Stand the pineapple on its base, heart the blade on top rated of the pineapple’s flesh and transform the tackle whilst bearing down to screw the blade into the pineapple. When you’ve arrived at the base, simply pull up to extract the pineapple, which the slicer has reduce into a ribbon of ideal rings, from its main and husk (bark? Very seriously, what are we contacting this?).

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Once it is sliced into rings, the pineapple can be stored as is (and wouldn’t you know that a beautifully sliced ribbon of pineapple fits flawlessly in my homely-but-beloved food storage containers?!) or minimize into chunks. The resource arrives with a round plastic slicer that rapidly turns the pineapple rings into pineapple chunks.

Men and women who really like pineapple! I am a person who loves pineapple, and I consume adequate of it that having a software devoted to its preparation helps make perception for me. If you are also a particular person who enjoys pineapple, this instrument could possibly be a wise acquire for you.

If you are a human being who regularly purchases frozen pineapple to use in smoothies, this resource may perhaps also be a fantastic purchase: Slicing a entire pineapple into chunks and freezing them will preserve pretty a little bit of dollars.

Dwelling mixologists, way too, could want to consider investing in the pineapple instrument. Fresh new pineapple and its juice are kicky components for use in cocktails and mocktails alike — and, of course, serving drinks in a hollowed-out pineapple provides a great deal of pizazz to dwelling entertaining. If I ended up me, and I am, I would also take into account inviting some nonconsumable garnishes like cocktail umbrellas to the occasion.