Top 5 Food and Beverage Trends for 2022

Many things can be observed in 2022, especially in the industrial sector. One of them is what Food and Beverage Trends are being liked by many people which can be used as a benchmark for the development of the food and beverage industry.

It is undeniable that the food and beverage industry has experienced ups and downs, especially during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This has an effect on people’s income which also experiences ups and downs. However, the food and beverage industry began to crawl up and recover again after the Covid-19 numbers began to fall. And community activities return to normal daily activities. Thanks to this, food and beverage trends will increase in 2022.

Food and Beverage Trends 2022

People’s tastes in food and drink can change from year to year. This is also related to the changes that occurred during the pandemic. This also has a positive side in terms of making food or serving the food. Food and drink since the Covid-19 pandemic have become cleaner in their presentation and packaging. People are starting to realize that cleanliness is the main thing to maintain a healthy body.

PT Sriboga Raturaya is a food and beverage industry, one of many industries that are making improvements so that they can continue to develop after the pandemic is over. PT Sriboga Raturaya always carries out various innovations and the latest creativity so that consumer needs are met and the domestic food industry continues to run well.

Food and beverage trends emerge following market tastes. Like the food and beverage trends in 2022 that carry a certain theme, namely:

1. Many Trends in Plant-based Foods

Healthy food is currently in great demand. Especially vegetarians and vegans. This is related to the erratic weather and the recent pandemic.

The demand for plant-based foods will increase by in 2020 and 2021 by 12% after the Covid-19 pandemic hit. This shows that public awareness of health has increased dramatically. Especially in the food they consume. It’s no wonder that many food industries are competing to make healthy food to meet consumer needs at this time.

2. Product Security is Better Maintained

Product safety can be seen from the existence of halal certificates, BPOM certificates and other similar certificates which show that the food or drink produced is safe for consumption.

The more complete the type of certificate that a product has, the higher consumer trust. So that consumer interest in buying food and drinks is also getting bigger. This is what is happening in 2022. Many food and beverage products are competing to include various certificates on product packaging to attract consumer attention.

3. More Homemade Food and Beverages

Food and drink will be healthier if you make it yourself at home. This is what underlies the emergence of various homemade food and beverage products. In contrast to manufacturers, most homemade food and drinks do not contain preservatives, so they are healthier and safer for consumption.

And many consumers start making their own food at home where food hygiene is maintained. Homemade food and drinks are a trend in 2022. The delicious taste is not inferior to industrial-made food products.

3. More Environmentally Friendly Products

Currently, many places to eat replace plastic straws with paper straws which are more environmentally friendly. Some even don’t provide straws at all in order to limit the use of plastic. More grocery bags are also provided with paper to replace plastic bags.

Food or beverage packaging that is trending in 2022 is also seen using more recycled products that are more environmentally friendly. This is very good for preserving the environment and hopefully, it will continue for the following year.

5. More Products with Complete Product Information

Complete product information must be provided to consumers. The goal is to ensure product safety is maintained by showing what ingredients are used to make food and drinks, where they are produced, when they expire, and various other important information.

From this ingredient, consumers can see how far the safety of the product is for consumption. Are the ingredients used safe and do not contain harmful preservatives, are the expiration dates clearly written, so that consumers can get rid of food ingredients that are past their expiration date and various other actions?

This completeness of information seems to have been implemented in various food and beverage industries in 2022, so consumers are invited to be smart by looking at the ingredients in food and beverage products before deciding to buy them.

Making Food from Sriboga Wheat Flour

Making healthy and delicious food, of course, must be made from healthy and nutritious food as well. Such as Sriboga wheat flour which is proven to have high nutritional value.

This high-quality wheat flour is produced by PT Sriboga Raturaya which is a company that produces high-quality wheat flour in Indonesia. It has been established since 1995 and continues to grow rapidly now.

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Many food and beverage companies have partnered with PT Sriboga Raturaya. Call it Pizza Hut, Sari Roti, Nissin, JCO, Pigeon Noodles, Bread Talk and many others. Wheat flour owned by PT Sriboga Raturaya is of the best quality, making it suitable for a variety of healthy foods, with high nutritional value and delicious taste.

You can also use it to make healthy food at home and sell it as good quality homemade food or drink. The 2022 food and beverage trends could continue in the coming years. Of course with food or drinks that are more delicious and healthy.


Food and drink trends change from year to year. Many factors can influence it, including environmental conditions such as a pandemic that changes people’s habits. Consumer tastes can also change depending on the innovations developed by the company.

PT Sriboga Raturaya is one of several companies that produce food ingredients that can contribute to the Trends in food and beverage industry in Indonesia. Its high nutritional value is capable of producing healthy and safe food and drinks for consumption.