The Kitchen Gadgets and Tech Trends You Should Expect in 2023

The Kitchen Gadgets and Tech Trends You Should Expect in 2023

Smart kitchen appliances including ovens, multicookers and fridges are becoming more and more common, but there is still extraordinary innovation happening in the category. 2023 looks to be a big year for integrated smart tools that will help us store groceries, prep ingredients and, of course, cook

Always a leader in smart home tech, LG released an electrifying new fridge with color-changing panels to match your mood, along with a few more practical features, at CES in Las Vegas last week. Not to be outdone, GE Profile dropped a brilliant smart stand mixer with updates to the baker’s top companion that have us rethinking KitchenAid’s decades-long dominance in the category.

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Other smart kitchen tools you can expect to see in 2023? Two connected, smart cutting boards made their first appearance at the early January consumer tech showcase. And Kaltech, a Japanese water and air purification outfit unveiled an intriguing $315 produce and bread storage box that uses photocatalysis to slow mold and spoilage. Smart ovens continue to see refinement and increased capability but hefty prices keep them out of reach for most people. 

Below are a few of the smart kitchen trends we’ll be on the lookout for in 2023.


GE Profile Smart Mixer

Stand mixers with serious smarts

KitchenAid has had the market cornered on stand mixers, but GE Profile’s latest entry into the category has raised more than a few eyebrows. The smart mixer features a built-in scale for nailing recipe measurements. It also has Auto-Sense technology which helps the machine determine when something is finished mixing or needs more oomph, especially when working through a guided recipe.

Speaking of guided recipes, the GE Profile syncs up with the app to help you navigate dozens of recipes from measuring the ingredients all the way through to the mixing part. CNET’s Jessica Dolcourt got to try it and it just might be her favorite thing from all of CES 2023. 

Read more about the GE Profile stand mixer here.


LG’s MoodUp

Fridges get even more connected

When 2023 began just days ago, I didn’t know I’d need a fridge that changes colors with the tap of a button and syncs with my music — but here we are. Yes, LG’s MoodUp fridge is flashy, and most of its features are completely superfluous, but not all of them. 

Consider Instaview knock-to-view technology, which is not totally new but makes it so one of the front fridge-side panels becomes transparent when you nudge it, letting you see what’s inside without opening. Oh, and the fridge can sense you coming in the middle of the night, and offers some gentle light via one of the panels so you don’t step in the dog’s water while sneaking 2 a.m. bites of cheesecake.

This one will be pricey but, honestly, we’re starting to see the appeal. Read more about the LG MoodUp here.


Samsung’s AI Wall Oven

The robots are cooking!

Samsung’s new AI Wall Oven, introduced at CES 2023, is equipped with an internal camera and technology that lets you send a view of the inside of your oven straight to social media. The AI Pro Cooking algorithm can recognize up to 80 dishes and recommend an appropriate temperature, time and cooking mode, then send notifications to help prevent your food from burning. 

Read more about Samsung’s new AI oven here.


Kaltech Fresh Food Keeper

Can a little science solve stale bread?

Keeping nonrefrigerated fresh food from getting stale and growing mold has always been a problem, and the kitchen innovators at Japan’s Kaltech think they’ve unlocked an answer. The tech-forward breadbox is electric-powered and uses photocatalysis, a chemical procedure sometimes used in the decontamination of water, to keep bread and produce fresh for longer. 

We have yet to test the $315 Fresh Food Keeper, which naturally has to be done over a period of a few days, but we’re on it and will report back with findings soon. 


Brava Glass

Smart ovens see refinement but not price drops

We like the Brava smart oven, but its eye-popping price makes it hard to recommend. In fact, the smart oven category at large remains far too expensive for most people to justify pulling the trigger — this latest drop from Brava is no exception.  

The new $2,000 Brava Glass, which the company unveiled at CES, has all the trappings of the original $1,300 model, including the ability to air-fry, roast, bake, broil, toast, reheat, slow-cook and warm, with the addition of a glass front door so you can see the food as it cooks. Previously, food sizzling away in the Brava could only be viewed via your phone by way of a camera housed inside the cooking chamber.

Read more about the new Brava Glass smart oven here.


Smart Cutting Boards

A new smart kitchen category makes its debut

Two smart cutting boards made their CES debuts this year, adding to a long list of kitchen tools that have been smartified. 

The Blok is a snazzy and expensive walnut board with a detachable screen meant to beam in live or recorded cooking videos so you can work through dishes without having to look up at a tablet. It’s awfully nice to look at, but we’re not sure it’s worth the $799 upfront cost, plus a $39 monthly subscription. 

A more practical version is the Versaware Smart Cutting Board. We don’t have pricing info yet, but we sure hope it will be less than the Blok. This gadget-y cutting board features a smaller, more manageable screen that is fixed to the bottom corner and walks you through recipes, providing useful information about technique, calories and nutrition. 

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