These Indian Delicacies Ranked Among Worlds 50 Best Street Foods- Recipes Inside

These Indian Delicacies Ranked Among Worlds 50 Best Street Foods- Recipes Inside

Street food plays a major role in defining the food culture of the country. It is extensive, flavourful and strikes a chord with us every single time. Now, it seems to have caught the fancy of the world too. Recently, some of the most popular dishes from across the country have made it to the list of the best street foods in the world. The Taste Atlas, a travel and food guide platform, recently released its list of 50 ‘Best Street Foods In The World’. And tikka, dosa, chole bhature and Amritsari kulcha proudly made to it. As per the list, tikka has been ranked at the 23rd position, dosa is on the 31st position, while chole bhature and Amritsari Kulcha are on 44 and 49 respectively.

Taste Atlas took to Instagram to share the complete list. “Best street foods in the world according to TasteAtlas audience ratings, current ranking. What’s your favourite,” the caption read.

Find the complete list below:

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Quite an exciting news, right? Like us, are you too happy to see your favourite dishes on the list of World’s best street foods? If yes, then we have the recipes for you to try at home. Take a look.

How to make tikka at home:

Taste Atlas defines tikka as a dish that consists of “boneless meat, usually chicken, that is cut into smaller pieces and marinated in yogurt and traditional Indian spices such as turmeric, cumin, coriander, cayenne pepper, chili, garlic, and ginger. The meat is roasted over charcoal in a tandoor, the traditional cylindrical clay oven.” The website further reads that the dish has an unknown origin, but “it is believed to be an ancient dish that has existed since the discovery of the tandoor oven, which has been used in India for more than 5000 years.” Click here for the recipe of classic chicken tikka.

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How to make dosa at home:

Taste Atlas defines dosa as a pancake-like dish that is prepared with soaked rice and black gram beans, “which are ground into a paste and mixed to create a thick batter, usually left to ferment overnight. The mixture is enriched with a handful of fenugreek seeds, which give dosa its distinctive golden brown colour and a delicious, crispy texture.” The website further reads that the origin of this traditional dish is traced back to the first century AD, “when it was first mentioned in Tamil literature”. Click here some of the most popular dosa recipes.


How to make chole bhature at home:

Chole bhature is a classic combination of two dishes: chole (a spicy chickpea curry) and bhature (a type of fried bread made with maida). “Popular throughout North India, the dish was invented in Delhi in the 1940s,” the website reads. The dish is usually paired with onion, achar, chutney and chilled last. Find here the recipe of North Indian chole bhature.

How to make Amritsari kulcha at home:

“Coming from the North Indian city of Amritsar, Amritsari kulcha is a flatbread stuffed with potatoes, onions, cottage cheese, and spices. The flatbread is commonly garnished with coriander seeds, cilantro, and red chili powder,” the website reads. This dish is a staple in Amritsar, with almost every shop in the city preparing it in large tandoor oven. Click here for the recipe.


Try these recipes at home and relish!

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