30 Strawberry Rhubarb Recipes for Dessert

30 Strawberry Rhubarb Recipes for Dessert

Bright, fresh, and wonderfully vibrant, these easy and delicious strawberry rhubarb recipes are beyond irresistible.

Ranging from cakes and pies to crumble bars and cookies, they have a flawless balance between sweet and tart.

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A Slice of Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

I grow both of these stunning fruits. So, I have an abundance of each during the summer, just begging to be baked into something yummy.

And believe it or not, I never get bored of this lively combo.

These strawberry rhubarb recipes taste even better than they look – and they look pretty darn impressive!


30 Sweet and Tart Strawberry Rhubarb Desserts

This simple crisp is a phenomenal recipe. The complementary flavors of the fruit and crust are heavenly, and the filling is bright, tart, and tangy. 

Meanwhile, the crisp topping is crunchy, warm, and sweet. Together, they make a perfectly balanced dish that’s impossible not to love. 

Top it with a cool, creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream for serving. 

These sweet and sticky bars are crunchy on top and chewy in the middle. They take about 20 minutes of prep time and another 45 to cook. 

But even though they’re not the quickest dessert on the list, the hands-on work is minimal.

Plus, they taste incredible and are well worth the time they take to make.

The warm, rich, golden crust. The light, fruity filling. The sparkly sugar on top. You’ll love everything about this gorgeous strawberry rhubarb pie. 

It’s a beautiful, delectable treat perfect for any occasion. So if you want a pie that’s as comforting as it is tasty, this recipe is for you.

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Made with fresh strawberries and rhubarb, this cake is light, moist, and spongy. It’s also wonderfully buttery and lightly spiced with nutmeg and vanilla.

With all the berries in the mix, it’s more sweet than tangy. So this is ideal for anyone who isn’t a huge fan of tart rhubarb.

This cake is ideal for serving with a tall glass of milk or a hot cup of tea.

Scooch over, pineapple upside-down cake! This upside-down cake features strawberries and rhubarb, and it’s the new star of the show.

You won’t believe how incredibly juicy this cake is. Every bite is overflowing with moisture.

Additionally, the pink and red fruit on top looks way prettier than pineapples (in my opinion!).

Add ice cream or whipped cream for a hit of creamy decadence.

Though it’s so insanely moist and tender, you really don’t need anything but a spoon.

Who doesn’t love a dense and crumbly coffee cake? I know I do!

Of course, not everyone is a serious cinnamon lover, which is why I adore this fruity alternative.

The tangy strawberry and rhubarb filling makes this one even better than most.

Serve it for breakfast, brunch, or dessert. Either way, people are sure to love it.

This is one of my favorite ways to preserve fresh fruit during the summer. And it makes a terrific little gift too!

After all, why choose between strawberry jam and rhubarb jam when you could have both?

This four-ingredient recipe can make that happen, and you don’t even need pectin to make it! 

Instead, you’ll combine strawberries, rhubarb, sugar, and lemon juice. The result is a brilliantly tart and tangy jam that tastes great on anything.

Aren’t these some of the prettiest cookies you’ve ever seen? They’re just so colorful and fun!

Luckily, they’re not just pretty! They’re pillowy soft, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, too.

They have all the rich sweetness of white chocolate chunk cookies. However, they also feature the bold allure of strawberries and rhubarb.

Have you ever had Subway’s raspberry cheesecake cookies? These are like those, only so much better.

In the mood for something thicker and even more decadent? These strawberry and rhubarb blondies are dense, fudgy, and insanely flavorful.

They’re sweet, tart, rich, tangy, bright, and buttery. Basically everything you could want in dessert and more!

With or without the white chocolate glaze, they’re bound to vanish in no time.

Are you trying to entice your kids to eat more oats and veggies? These strawberry and rhubarb oatmeal bars should do the trick.

(Rhubarb is a vegetable, after all!)

You can whip these fun, layered treats up in about an hour. And you likely have most of what you need in your kitchen already. 

It’s a simple, old-fashioned recipe that creates something fresh and yummy.

These fluffy, elegant cupcakes are a must-try for your next event.

The batter is so airy, it’s like biting into a cloud. And the coconut milk frosting is silky-smooth, sweet, and slightly tropical. 

Then, of course, there are the chunks of strawberries and rhubarb, adding bright bursts of color and flavor to every bite.

If you want a sweet, tart, tangy, and tropical dessert, give this one a try.

Do you prefer muffins to cupcakes? Then this recipe might be more your style.

These sweetly tart breakfast muffins take less than 30 minutes to make, and they’re light and spongy with chunky bits of pure yumminess.

Serve these first thing, and everyone will rush to the kitchen!

The Dutch baby is such a wild dish. It looks like a thick pizza, tastes like a pancake, but is still somehow entirely different.

It’s also flavorful, filling, and fun for the whole family.

You can prepare and cook this one in just 25 minutes with a mere eight ingredients.

So, save this recipe for a special occasion. It’s an excellent way to make a memorable morning.

These light, crunchy waffles are another phenomenal breakfast your whole family will ask for again and again.

You’ll make them with ricotta and lemon juice, giving them a tangier, brighter taste than anything store-bought.

Then, you’ll top them with a strawberry and rhubarb compote that’s sweetly tart, slightly spiced, and deliciously jelly-like. Yum!

Want something comforting and heartwarming after Sunday dinner? This Southern-style cobbler is an excellent choice. 

It’s buttery and indulgent but so easy to make. It requires just seven simple ingredients and only 10 minutes of prep time. 

It’s a bit on the tart side, though. So, you may want to top it in vanilla ice cream to keep your mouth from puckering.

Speaking of ice cream: who needs vanilla when you can make this ridiculously scrummy strawberry and rhubarb ice cream at home?

It has a unique, berry-heavy flavor that will delight your taste buds. Meanwhile, it’s smooth and surprisingly creamy for no-churn ice cream.

That said, the bits of berries and rhubarb add some textural contrast. 

I bet you’ve never had anything like it before.

Strawberry and rhubarb sorbet is another fantastic summer treat to help you beat the heat.

That deep pink hue is simply stunning. It’s definitely one for the ‘gram!

But it’s not just its looks that’ll have people talking. This stuff is creamy, zingy, and beautifully fruity.

Calling all milkshake lovers! Put down that chocolate shake and try this thick, creamy, and luscious fruity recipe instead.

Every sip is a sweet and zingy delight for the senses. Best of all, it takes 30 minutes and fewer than ten ingredients to make. 

And if you’ve never tried roasted fruit before, you’re really missing out.

Roasting (or grilling) fruit caramelizes the natural sugars and amplifies the flavor like you won’t believe.

It makes this so much better than any other milkshake you’ve ever made.

Try this simple galette recipe if you like pies with a double crust but hate the extra prep.

These rustic pies have the same mix of flaky crust and sweet pie filling, but there’s no need to worry about getting the pastry perfect.

Just roll it out into a rough circle, then pile in the filling. Tuck the edges up and bake until golden.

How easy is that?

This lovely bundt cake is the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

It features a rich, buttery vanilla cake studded with berries and rhubarb, plus a hint of cinnamon spice.

Yogurt adds moisture and buoyancy, making every bite a tender dream.

This would make a lovely addition to any brunch or dessert table. 

These cool, fruity popsicles are another must-try for spring and summer.

They’re delightfully cold, creamy, and made with all natural ingredients: rhubarb, strawberries, maple syrup, and coconut milk.

Each one has fewer than 100 calories and isn’t terribly high in carbs, either. So, they’re a great way to indulge without feeling guilty. 

Some people like ice cream and popsicles in the summer. Others prefer crisp, invigorating cocktails.

But if you’re like me, you say: why not both?!

You’ll start with a bottle of rosé, then add rhubarb simple syrup, lime, strawberries, and mint.

Top it off with seltzer water for fizz, and add ice to cool it down.

It’s a beautiful, pretty-in-pink drink that everyone will want to try.

These gorgeous pink margaritas are another fun cocktail for the summer. They’re cold, slushy, and full of bright, tart-n-tangy flavors. 

They’re also more potent than their pretty pink color would suggest. You’ll add three ounces of tequila to each one – so sip them, don’t chug. 

One or two will be all you need to feel pretty darned good. Though they’re so tasty, you’ll want a whole pitcher to yourself!

Picture a crumbly, moist, gently spiced piece of banana bread. Now, forget the bananas, and add strawberries, cinnamon, and rhubarb instead. 

This loaf has the same soothing, comforting feel as banana bread. But the flavor is much lighter and fruitier.

It still tastes great with coffee, hot tea, or milk.  

Start your day with plenty of vitamins and minerals, thanks to this yogurt parfait.

It’s sweet enough for dessert but has lots of great stuff in it, too. 

Besides the strawberries and rhubarb, there’s yogurt, granola, and all-natural honey. So, it has plenty of distinct tastes and textures, all in the same glass.

It’s quick and easy to make and will almost guarantee you have a great day.

Donuts are always a hit. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t take one or two if you offered them.

And if you like jelly donuts, I know you’ll go nuts for these!

These sweet and sugary treats may not be healthy, but they’re undoubtedly scrumptious. 

Give them a try, and get ready to swoon!

An oaty, buttery base. A dreamy, creamy cheesecake filling. And a sweet, vibrant strawberry rhubarb top.

Does it get any better than these cheesecake bars?

Feel free to use a Graham Cracker or cookie base if you prefer. And if you want something with a hint of citrus, add some lemon zest to the filling.

Or, try scattering a few dark chocolate chips over the top. That hint of bitterness will make these oh-so-scrumptious.

Ah, scones. How I love you!

Crisp, crumbly, and covered in a sticky vanilla glaze, these scones are so good, even purists will want seconds.

They’re perfect for brunch, tea time, or just whenever.

As if French toast wasn’t decadent and indulgent enough, this recipe has gone and made it even more so. 

Thankfully, ‘decadent’ doesn’t also equal ‘difficult.’ 

You can make this French toast bake with just nine ingredients, and it shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes or so of hands-on work.

Give it a try if you want a breakfast that will wow your family.

Let’s end with another refreshing smoothie, shall we?

This one is fruity and creamy but not too rich. It’s a smooth, light, and refreshing drink that’s tasty any time of day.

A bit of honey, pomegranate juice, milk, and your two main ingredients is all it takes.

So, if you have those things, you could be enjoying this 10 minutes from now. What are you waiting for?!

Strawberry Rhubarb Recipes