Cooking Tips: 7 Easy Ways To Give Your Snacks A Crispy Coating

Cooking Tips: 7 Easy Ways To Give Your Snacks A Crispy Coating

We all love indulging in crispy snacks. Whatever may be filling, there is something very enjoyable about biting into foods with a perfectly crisp coating. We tend to lose ourselves in their yumminess and just savour the moment! There are a variety of ways to achieve this particular sensation. Whether you’re working with veggies, meat, chicken, fish, paneer, etc. you can use more or less the same ingredients to coat them. Of course, the particular snack has to then be deep-fried or air-fried to complete the process. Breadcrumbs are one of the most commonly used coating options. But there are other great choices too, as discussed below.

Here Are 7 Easy Ways To Give Your Snacks A Crispy Coating:

1. Cornflakes


Cover your snacks in crushed cornflakes before frying them to get an amazing golden crust. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Cornflakes are not just meant for breakfast or chidwa. You can take advantage of their texture in innovative ways. Say you’re making cutlets at home and want to give them an extra special coating. Simply crush the cornflakes and roll the cutlets in them before frying. The final result will be very satisfying, believe us! If you want a recipe that uses this method, check out this one for restaurant-style veg nuggets.

2. Oats

Oats are another common breakfast food that you can use for coating veg and non-veg snacks. All you have to do is grind oats with seasonings of your choice to make a fine crumb. Once your snack mixture is ready, simply roll shapes of it in the crumb until completely covered. Here’s a recipe for Oat Crusted Chicken Tenders to try at home.
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3. Makhana (Fox Nuts)


Use coarsely ground pieces of makhana to give your snacks a unique coating. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Makhana or fox nuts are all the rage right now in the world of nutrition. This superfood is gluten-free and comes with a range of health advantages. They are often eaten lightly seasoned or as a part of other preparations. But did you know makhana can also be used to make snacks crispy? You have to first coarsely grind them. Then coat the food item in slurry or egg white before covering them with the makhana crumb. Check out this recipe for Stuffed Fried Chicken that uses this technique.

4. Vermicelli (Sevai/ Semiya)

In India, vermicelli is typically used to make dishes like semiya upma or sweet semiya kesari. However, it can also give your snacks a crisp, golden thread-like coating. All you have to do is lightly roast the semiya, boil it for around three minutes and allow it to cool before using. Dip your snacks in a cornflour slurry before covering them with crushed vermicelli. This will help keep the outer layer intact. Here is a recipe for a tasty mixed veg snack with a vermicelli coating.

5. Noodles

Yes, you read that right. Noodles are actually a very convenient option for a crisp covering. Boil noodles, drain them and ensure they dry before layering them around your paneer, chicken or veggie pieces. You can also add a little cornflour to the noodles to remove any moisture. If they are damp, they will make your entire snack soggy and may also absorb more oil than required. Now you know a unique way of using that pack of store-bought noodles! One example of this method is Crispy Thread Chicken; click here for the full recipe.
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6. Tempura Batter


Tempura batter is a wonderfully light and simple coating option you have to try. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Tempura is often associated with Japanese cuisine. However, this dish – typically consisting of deep-fried seafood or veggies coated in a specific batter – is actually of Portuguese origin. Tempura batter is prepared with flour, eggs and chilled water. It can give your snack a delicately crisp and beautifully golden coating. It can be used for veg as well as non-veg food items. Check out this recipe for Farzi Cafe-Style Tempura Prawns.

7. Breadcrumbs

Our list would be incomplete if we didn’t mention good old breadcrumbs. This is a classic option to make snacks crispier. Many recipes not only use breadcrumbs for coating but also include a small quantity of it in the snack mixture itself. Doing so helps bind the ingredients better. Breadcrumbs can be easily made at home by grinding bread to the desired consistency. You can also use panko breadcrumbs if you want a special coating. These are a popular Japanese version of breadcrumbs that are said to be more crackly and less oil-absorbing than the regular variety.

How Do You Keep Snacks Crispy?

To maintain the crispiness of fried foods, one effective method is to place them on a cooling rack set over a baking sheet. This helps to prevent the buildup of moisture, which can cause fried foods to become soggy. By allowing air to circulate around the food, the cooling rack helps to keep the exterior of the fried food crispy while the interior remains moist and tender. Here are 4 quick tips on how to fry food to get that perfect crust.

Make your snacks even more irresistible by using these methods!