Material Kitchen Review 2023 – Best Things to Buy at Material

Material Kitchen Review 2023 – Best Things to Buy at Material

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We take our kitchen gear seriously here at Kitchn (I mean, what else would you expect?), and it’s particularly hard not to take Material Kitchen as seriously as its name suggests. In fact, the direct-to-consumer kitchenware brand is behind some of our favorite pans, glassware, and spatulas with superior quality, beautiful form, impressive function, and reasonable prices, to boot. Keep reading to learn more about Material, including our favorite essentials.

What Is Material Kitchen?

Material Kitchen was born out of necessity. The brand’s founders, Eunice Byun and David Nguyen, didn’t have any experience in the culinary world, but what they did have was experience with kitchen clutter (don’t we all?). Clunky knife blocks and an abundance of unnecessary kitchen tools not only took up precious counter space, but also created the lightbulb moment so many great brands start with. The two saw a lack of affordable, innovative, and good-looking solutions, so they set out to create a line of pared-down, sleek kitchenware. 

Material sells beautifully crafted cookware, prepware, and bakeware essentials that don’t sacrifice performance. The brand has high standards when it comes to their products, so you can always expect best-in-class materials, design, and user experience.

Like you would with a hearty boeuf bourguignon or a savory roast chicken, Material takes things low and slow when it comes to developing new products. Each new addition is researched extensively to make sure it’s a value-add, because the last thing we all need is more cabinet clutter. And the result? A small, well-curated selection of thoughtfully designed kitchen essentials any home cook would need. 

Where Can You Shop Material Kitchen?

Shopping directly on Material’s site is our preferred way to explore the brand, as it naturally has the biggest selection. You can find some Material products at other retailers including West Elm and Nordstrom, although the offerings will be more limited. 

Material products are priced reasonably, especially if you value performance and great design. Prices are not cheap, but are accessible when compared to similar direct-to-consumer brands. With prices ranging from $20 for small kitchen accessories to $295 for cookware sets, there’s something for every budget. 

The brand does have sales, so you’ll find great deals. Currently, Material is celebrating its birthday with discounts up to 25 percent now through March 19. The discount depends on your order total, so the more you shop, the more you’ll save. It’s the steepest discount that the brand has offered, making its reasonable prices even more wallet-friendly. There’s no code necessary, and prices already reflect the sale price. 

Whether you’re looking to swap in some new knives or are starting to outfit your kitchen from square one, Material is certainly worth a peek. To help you get started, check out eight editor-favorites and best-sellers, below.