Cooking Tips: 5 Simple Yet Superb Ways To Use Leftover Aloo Gobhi Sabzi

Cooking Tips: 5 Simple Yet Superb Ways To Use Leftover Aloo Gobhi Sabzi

Aloo gobhi is one of the most commonly made vegetables in Indian households, and that’s why it is also found left over most often. We are never surprised to get a sandwich for breakfast, stuffed with last night’s aloo gobhi sabzi. And we don’t mind it because we love this delicious dish anyway. Simple to make and full of flavours, with the right amount of crunch from shallow fried gobhi, this sabzi is at the heart of every traditional Indian thali. But if you want to enjoy this dish again in the next meal in different forms, the following recipes are perfect. 

Here’re 5 Easy Recipes To Use Leftover Aloo Gobhi: 

1. Aloo Gobhi Paratha – Our recommendation 

Stuffed parathas always work their charm on us in the morning. And what can be better than the full-of-flavours stuffing our favourite aloo gobhi sabzi? We suggest adding chopped onions to the sabzi before mashing it to be rolled into the paratha. Trust us, this aloo gobhi paratha will win your heart. 

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2. Aloo Gobhi Toast 

This dish needs no introduction. It’s almost a staple in every Indian household. All you have to do is place a handful of slightly mashed sabzi on buttered bread slices and toast to make a hearty sandwich. But if you ask us, the best way to make aloo gobhi toast is by toasting the sandwich in ghee on tawa, desi style! 

3. Aloo Gobhi Tikki 

Surprised? Yes, this sabzi can be turned into a lip-smacking crispy tikki that will be a show-stealer in your evening tea-time session. Mix the leftover aloo gobhi sabzi with some mashed boiled aloo, and add some tiny torn bread pieces to absorb the moisture from the sabzi. Throw in some green chillies, salt and chaat masala, and make some scrumptious tikkis from the mixture in a matter of minutes. 

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Tikki is one of the most loved snacking options. Image Credit: iStock

4. Aloo Gobhi Bread Pakoda 

Another snack from aloo gobhi that will surprise and impress you at the same time. Just replace the usual aloo stuffing with mashed aloo gobhi sabzi, place it in between diagonally cut bread slices, dip in seasoned batter and fry it to golden glory. Bread pakoda never fails to please us, and this version will also do the same. Plus, you have a quicker recipe to make bread pakoda for snacks now! 

5. Aloo Gobhi Roll 

We love rolls for the convenience of eating them. Use last night’s aloo gobhi sabzi to make rolls for your or your kids’ tiffin boxes to eat on the go. Make a large, thin chapati and break pour whisked egg on one cooked side. Flip and cook from the other side again. Once done, smear the roti with green chutney and tomato sauce, and roll it with aloo gobhi sabzi, sliced onions and green chillies inside. You will love this roll for a quick brunch or lunch. 

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These recipes will reignite your love for aloo gobhi sabzi. Try them and let us know which one was your favourite.  

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